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Reservations Required:

June 26, 2013

7:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Union League Club of Chicago 
65 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, IL 60604
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Global Midwest Alliance, founder of Midwest Clean Tech and the Private Sector Liaison Office to the World Bank Group, invites you to the third program in the 2013 Innovation, Growth and Globalization Series.  Throughout the year, this series will highlight industry expertise, innovation and technology, and global opportunities across growth-oriented industry sectors.  This program focuses on the food industry.

In the next 30 years, global food production will need to double to accommodate the growth in population. How should the U.S. respond? Should the U.S. food industry take a leadership position to address the impending challenge? 

​This program will focus on commodity yield and the lack of supply in keeping up with global food demand, especially as populations expand across the emerging markets of the developing world.  Inherent to this dialogue is the role of the U.S. and that of its food and agriculture industry, including considerations on policy, trade issues, valuation, risks, intellectual property, management of global pricing and water scarcity.  Technology innovation will, by necessity, include crop yield, plant-based foods, supply chain developments, and new food and food safety technologies.  What is the model going forward?   Will foods eventually be produced based on geographic region, further complicating global food distribution?

Our growth and global panel will highlight the overall global challenges and opportunities that face the food industry today.  Experts will provide context on the questions being addressed here in the Midwest and across the U.S., in relation to both global and domestic changes in the areas of labeling requirements, GMO issues, foreign supplier verification, and supply and distribution needs. The innovation and technology panel will address these challenges and focus their discussion on solutions, illustrating ways in which the U.S. -- and the expertise and leadership available in the Midwest -- are providing opportunities to meet the challenges of global food demand in the future.

Program attendees will include food and beverage representatives, agriculture representatives, innovation, finance and business leaders, World Bank Private Sector Liaison Office clients and prospects, development and international partners and organizations, and the broader commodities community.  Participants will learn about specific initiatives and innovation, and projects in developing nations through consulting, funding and private partnerships.

Seats are limited. Please register on or before June 24, 2013.

Global Food Demand:  Opportunity for the U.S. in the Growth of Emerging Markets
Global Midwest Alliance is a business-led, region-wide organization dedicated to transforming the Midwest into an internationally recognized leader in innovation and business growth. The Alliance aligns and integrates resources throughout the Midwest helping businesses to grow by leveraging existing resources to develop new products and find customers throughout the world. The Alliance is the Private Sector Liaison Office for the World Bank and a member of Global CONNECT. Through these and other affiliations, the Alliance facilitates access to global business opportunities for Midwest business. The Alliance offers educational and networking opportunities through a variety of programs and resources designed to promote innovation, technology development and access to global opportunities in the clean technology, energy, food, logistics, manufacturing and water industries.
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Registration, Breakfast and Networking

Welcome Remarks & Introductions
Gail Longmore, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Global Midwest Alliance
Dr. Robert Brackett, Vice President and Director, Institute for Food Safety and Health, Illinois Institute of Technology
Dr. Paul Sebesta, Director, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research

Keynote Presentation:  “Global Food Outlook"
Steve Hubbard, Vice President, Global Marketing & Innovation, Griffith Laboratories

Growth and Global Opportunities Panel 
Moderator:   Dr. Robert Brackett, Vice President and Director, Institute for Food Safety and Health, Illinois Institute of Technology
Gene Moses, Strategy Officer, Agribusiness & Forestry, International Finance Corporation, The World Bank
Eric Larson, Director & Lead Investor, The National Food Laboratory, a Unit of Safe Foods International Holdings
Skip Lieser, Senior Advisor, Partners in Food Solutions

Networking Break

Innovation & Technology Panel 
Moderator:  Dr. Paul Sebesta, Director, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research
Ron Lazarus, Chairman & CEO, Effoia Capital 
​Dr. Mark Berhow, Research Chemist, Functional Foods Research Unit, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research 
Catherine Jaros, Managing Partner, First Chicago Advisors, Inc.
Jim Schultz, Chief Executive Officer, Open Prairie


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