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Press Release
January 11, 2011

Global Midwest Alliance Announces Winner of 2009 Brinks Innovation Competition Opens LAB at IIT University Technology Technology Park

CHICAGO – Global Midwest Alliance is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2009 Brinks Innovation Competition, Intelligent Generation™, will celebrate the launch of its new test site at Illinois Institute of Technology's University Technology Park on January 27, 2011, where it joins the Illinois Smart Grid Regional Innovation Cluster (ISGRIC) as a participating company. 

Intelligent Generation is a cleantech software company established in 2009 that employs proprietary predictive algorithms, distributed renewable energy and storage, and the network effect to create a cloud-based virtual power plant. This architecture creates benefits for both retail electricity customers (in the form of significantly lower electricity bills) and wholesale power companies (by providing immediate access to stored electricity for peak power and voltage regulation).  The business outcome is that Intelligent Generation lowers the cost of solar electricity for retail customers to a cost per kilowatt-hour that is less than the fossil fuel or nuclear-generated equivalent.  Read the full press release.

Global Midwest Alliance is the only business-led economic development group for the Midwest region. The Alliance facilitates collaboration among key stakeholders to provide access to global business opportunities to the Midwest and realize economic value from existing world-class assets in the Midwest. The Alliance focuses on programs and platforms that help high growth companies develop and expand markets for businesses based in the Midwest, encourage and assist international business activities in the region, and integrate business, financial and scientific resources for successful commercialization of technology in the Midwest. For more information, visit

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