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Press Release
June 14, 2013

Brinks Innovation Competition Finalist SiNode Systems Wins Department of Energy's Business Plan Competition

CHICAGO – Global Midwest Alliance today announced that the 2012 Brinks Innovation Competition finalist SiNode Systems has won first place in the U.S. Department of Energy's 2013 National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition.  SiNode earned the opportunity to compete after winning the Grand Prize at the 2013 Rice Business Plan Competition.  SiNode Systems, a Northwestern University team, holds the license for new technology for lithium-ion batteries that allows batteries to charge faster and hold a charge ten times longer than current technology,​ which could significantly extend battery life for products like smartphones and electric vehicles.

​"Global Midwest Alliance is again excited to congratulate Brinks Innovation Competition finalist SiNode Systems on its recent, big wins," said Gail Longmore, CEO and Managing Director of Global Midwest Alliance. "Having SiNode compete in our annual innovation competition and move on to big wins at the national level is proof that the talent and innovation being developed here in the Midwest provides a platform for companies to successfully contribute to the global business economy."

​​​Now in its second year, the 2013 National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition encourages and accelerates high-growth entrepreneurship by inspiring university teams across the country through business opportunities in clean energy.  Entries from student clean energy businesses from across the country were judged, and the Department of Energy awarded six $100,000 grants through the regional clean energy competitions and more than $100,000 in cash and services for the national grand prize winner.   The competition is part of President Obama’s Startup America Initiative and is funded through the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The success of the competition is already supporting the next generation of energy leaders who will boost American competitiveness, with participants in last year’s competition raising nearly $7 million in follow-on funding, launching 52 start-ups and creating more than 42 full-time jobs.

​The Alliance is also happy to announce that it is again accepting entries for the 5th Annual Global Midwest Innovation Competition which is being held on September 10 in Chicago.  For more information, visit the 2013 Global Midwest Alliance Innovation Competition.

Global Midwest Alliance is the only business-led economic development group for the Midwest region. The Alliance facilitates collaboration among key stakeholders to provide access to global business opportunities to the Midwest and realize economic value from existing world-class assets in the Midwest. The Alliance focuses on programs and platforms that help high growth companies develop and expand markets for businesses based in the Midwest, encourage and assist international business activities in the region, and integrate business, financial and scientific resources for successful commercialization of technology in the Midwest. For more information, visit

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